Thursday, December 11, 2008

Penguin Project - Day 11

It's day 11 of Penguin Project....  so they decided to add a treat Daddy to a cookie for his snack at the office.  So they put t gingerbread cookie in the tin and hid it in his briefcase so he would find it later on.

Hope the snack was good and the gingerbread man could not run fast!  We can't wait till tomorrow...

Penguin Project - Day 10

Well we are up to day #10!  Today we kinda hid the pengies so that they were not easily found... Daddy has his coffee in a canister on the shelf above the stove, so today's 'attack' penguins replaced said canister with a new one.  (that matches the coffee cup pengies that came last year)

It took him a few minutes to realize that his can was replaced and he even thought that the pengies changed his coffee brand.  They were not that smart... next time maybe they will!

15 days left....  who knows what else they have up their sleeves :)

Penguin Project - Day 9

The outdoor decorations needed a 'foreman' and this little guy decided to come visit us and help direct the project.
His position of honor on the bills pile does mean that he is next for a payment as well....  Just kidding, we love you and would come visit even if you tried to bribe us to stay away!

Penguin Project - Day 8

The penguins felt that daddy was in need of some fun...  so they provided this helpful toy for him to play with.  

Now remember it is a toy and not a Penguin Paddle, no using it on penguins or people!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Penguin Project - Day 7

Today is Mom & Dad's 11th Anniversary so a special treat was called for, coffee and cinnamon muffins in bed!  (well for Daddy anyway)

But the pengies were assisting in most of the phases of the breakfast and there were 11 pengies on the breakfast tray.  
Pengies on the muffin cups, placemat, plate, napkin, coffee mug and drink glass filled with his favorite peanuts (hint...pengies LIKE peanuts, at least here)

So far nobody has had ideas for us :(  come on I know some of you WANT to play... leave us some comments on how to 'torture' Daddy with more pengies... oh and if any of you run across gummy penguins at a gas station in the area, let us know, we forgot where we found them last time.

penguin Project - Day 6

It's a cold Saturday, perfect for sleeping late under the covers... Guess what showed up to cuddle with Daddy this morning?

a cuddly pengie pillow with a bell on his hat!  Not a super sleeper but very cute!  Tomorrow we plan on a fun surprise for Mom & Dad's 11th Anniversary (though mom is helping with it)

Penguin Project - Day 5

It's Friday and Daddy thought he outsmarted them by putting the first few in "jail" in the kitchen, but....

He and Mom had a PUG meeting so one silly 'bonus' penguin was able to sneak into his briefcase at the office before heading to the the meeting and...

Once he got home today's penguin 'Pic' was waiting for him hanging on the lamp by his bed!

so maybe this will teach him.... wonder what the weekend will bring?

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